Individual cover or multiple covers

You can have a maximum of one contents cover and up to two car covers per policy

The Essentials

  • With choice of fortnightly, monthly or annual payments, the option of paying fortnightly as an agreed deduction from your Centrelink payment via Centrepay and no hidden late fees.
  • Simple cover, straightforward claims and low excesses.
  • Build the cover for your needs. Select what you want to cover, your level of cover, the payment method and start covering the things you rely on.


  • You choose between up to $10,000 or up to $20,000 of contents coverage for key items.
  • Temporary accommodation costs for when you need it most.
  • Up to $20 million liability cover for death or bodily injury to other people, or loss to their property resulting from an incident which happens in Australia or New Zealand during the period of insurance.


  • You choose between accident loss or damage coverage of $3,000 or $5,000.
  • Up to $20 million liability cover for loss or damage to someone else’s car or property caused by the use of your car in the period of insurance.
  • Practical and fair-minded insurance that acknowledges pre-existing car damage. Note: we will not repair any pre-existing car damage.

How much does it cost?

There are a range of factors influencing cost, such as age, where you live and taxes.
Cover may differ from other contents and car policies. Eligibility criteria applies.

Simple Options

Accident loss or damage

Up to $3,000 per incident

Up to $5,000 per incident

Legal Liability

Up to $20,000,000

Up to $20,000,000

Limits – the most we will pay for each item type
White Goods

Fridge, Freezer, Washing machine, Clothes dryer, Air conditioner, Vacuum cleaner

$3,000 in total per incident

$6,000 in total per incident

Electrical Kitchen Appliances

Items such as: Microwave, Toaster, Kettle, Portable hotplate, Electrical cooking appliances, Blender

$800 in total per incident

$1,000 in total per incident

Home Entertainment

TV, Audio and video entertainment devices, Digital media players, Music system, Radio, Wireless audio

$1,000 in total  per incident

$2,000 in total per incident


Laptop or desktop computer, Tablet, Phone, Printer, Game console, Camera

$2,000 in total per incident

$4,000 in total per incident


Items such as: Bedroom furniture, Dining room furniture, Lounge room furniture

$2,500 in total per incident

$5,600 in total per incident

Medical Aids and Equipment

Hearing Aids, Non motorised wheelchair, Prescription glasses, Walking frame, Sphygmomanometer, Diabetic monitoring device, Tens machine, Commode

$500 in total per incident

$1,000 in total per incident



$200 in total per incident

$400 in total per incident

Flexible payment options

  • Fortnightly, Monthly and Annual payment options available
  • No extra charge for instalment payments
  • Over the phone
  • Direct Debit, Credit Card, Centrepay, Post Office (annual)


New for old means:

  • New materials, new items;
  • New for old, regardless of age;
  • Same type, standard and specification as when new (or if not reasonably available, similar type, standard and specification).

For a full definition of ‘new for old’, and for how we settle contents claims, refer to the PDS.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen to anyone, even the most careful drivers. Make sure everyone is safe.

Contact us as soon as possible on 1800 429 598 if you suffer loss or damage, or if there is an incident that could result in a claim. Where possible, please have details of any other parties or vehicles involved (including registration number of the vehicle).

If you have caused damage to other people’s property

As soon as possible tell us about any incident that has caused damage to other people’s property. Also advise us about any demands made on you to pay compensation to others, any court actions or offers of settlement and send these to us. The quicker we receive these, the better placed we will be to protect your interests.

It’s wise to maintain a detailed list of electrical and electronic equipment, which should include makes, models, serial numbers, etc. This will come in handy if you ever need to make a claim.

Photographs will also help us with replacement, and help the police following a burglary.

If your claim for loss, theft or damage to your car is covered under your policy we will either:

  • repair or replace the damaged parts of your car using one of our preferred repairers;
  • pay you the amount of the assessed quote from our preferred repairer when our preferred repairer is able to complete the repair or replace the damaged parts of your car but you request a cash settlement;
  • pay you the amount of the assessed quote from your repairer if one of our preferred repairers cannot complete the repair or replace the damaged parts of your car;
  • settle your claim as a total loss

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This content applies to new policies and renewal policies with a start date after 15 March 2021