Welcome to Essentials by AAI.

Essentials by AAI is passionate about its vision. We wish to achieve access to insurance for more Australians, to increase financial inclusion across Australia and to create a sustainable future for all. This includes enabling Australians on low incomes to use their assets safely, without fear of damage or theft.

AAI previously partnered with Good Shepherd to create Essentials by AAI. We spoke to our customers, community workers, financial counsellors, legal aid and microfinance workers and together we created Essentials by AAI.

We provide “insurance lego”, you build your own policy from contents and car modules, choose your level of cover and choose your payment method, including via CentrePay. The choices you make are put together under one simple policy so you only need to pay for one policy.

We offer many benefits for people who are on low incomes:

  • CentrePay,
  • fortnightly payments,
  • no fees for cancellation or instalment payments,
  • acceptance of pre-existing damage for car insurance,
  • temporary accommodation costs built into contents insurance.
  • Please explore our site, PDS and TMD to see if Essentials by AAI is suitable for you.

AAI is part of the Suncorp Group.